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Police & Homeland Security

Cut-Tex® PRO slash resistant fabric is now being used to manufacture some of the most effective high performance cut and slash resistant protective clothing for law enforcement and other homeland security professionals around the world.

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Prison Service

Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to create potentially lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing for prison or correctional officers.

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Health Care

Bite protection arm guards made out of Cut-Tex® PRO can effectively help protect professionals working in special educational needs, mental health care and high secure hospitals.

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Cut-Tex® PRO can be manufactured into protective garments that help reduce the risk of cut injuries within flat glass, sheet metal, construction, recycling and automotive manufacturing industries.

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Ice Hockey

Cut-Tex® PRO is ideal for the manufacturing of cut resistant clothing - preventing cuts and lacerations in ice hockey as well as ice speed skating.

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Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to manufacture protective garments for horses and the horse rider.

Slash Resistant Fabric for Police Officer Uniforms

Cut-Tex® PRO | Exceptional Tear Resistant Fabric

Cut-Tex® PRO tear resistant fabric has been developed and is manufactured only by UK based PPSS Group.

Cut-Tex® PRO is offering 398.5 Newton of tear resistance according to European standard EN 388:2003, which is a simply astonishing performance.

In addition to the above we can also confirm that Cut-Tex® PRO is offering ISO 13997:1999 blade cut resistance level 5 (the highest possible) and ASTM F-1790 level 4

Cut-Tex® PRO is now being used to create tear resistant clothing for numerous applications, which include tear resistant clothing for homeland security professionals.  However Cut-Tex® PRO has also been used to develop garments used within mental health care, industry and animal welfare.

Cut-Tex PRO tear resistance levels

How to purchase Cut-Tex® PRO tear resistant fabric

Please note Cut-Tex® PRO is only available from PPSS Group:

Call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email: info@ppss-group.com