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Police & Homeland Security

Cut-Tex® PRO slash resistant fabric is now being used to manufacture some of the most effective high performance cut and slash resistant protective clothing for law enforcement and other homeland security professionals around the world.

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Prison Service

Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to create potentially lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing for prison or correctional officers.

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Health Care

Bite protection arm guards made out of Cut-Tex® PRO can effectively help protect professionals working in special educational needs, mental health care and high secure hospitals.

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Cut-Tex® PRO can be manufactured into protective garments that help reduce the risk of cut injuries within flat glass, sheet metal, construction, recycling and automotive manufacturing industries.

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Ice Hockey

Cut-Tex® PRO is ideal for the manufacturing of cut resistant clothing - preventing cuts and lacerations in ice hockey as well as ice speed skating.

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Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to manufacture protective garments for horses and the horse rider.


30th March 2015

Cut-Tex® PRO Cut Resistant Fabric Now Available In Additional Colours

Cut-Tex PRO Cut Resistant Fabric
Cut-Tex® PRO Cut Resistant Fabric

Cut-Tex® PRO is an ultra-high performance cut resistant fabric, which was launched in 2012. It is now available in five additional colours to better fulfil the needs of textile and clothing manufacturers.

Cut-Tex® PRO is with immediate effect also available in 'optic white’, 'olive green’, 'navy blue’ and in hi viz look like 'yellow’ and 'orange’.

PPSS Group, the company behind Cut-Tex® PRO claims it is the world's best cut resistant fabric, which is reinforced by passing several of the most stringent European and International Standards for cut, tear and abrasion resistance.

Additional test reports confirm the durability of this fabric is clearly outperforming other fabrics such as Kevlar® and other aramid based technical fabrics.

Comfortable to wear, machine washable and of truly exceptional strength and durability, this ground-breaking material is now being used to line uniforms, tactical gear or other corporate work wear.

"It acts as a shield and protects vulnerable areas of the human body, in particular the Radial, Brachial, Carotid, Axillary and Femoral Arteries. The cutting of any of these arteries could lead to rapid blood loss”, says Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group.

"Dealing with potentially hostile and intoxicated members of the public is not always easy, and we must do everything to improve their personal safety”.

"We invite tactical apparel manufacturers to contact us in order to help them design and produce personal protective clothing that is specifically designed around the precise operational threats, risks and duties of their valued customers”.

"I genuinely believe that lining specific areas of a uniform with Cut-Tex® PRO, means effectively shielding the most vulnerable areas and key arteries, which without any question will help reduce the risk of accidental cut injuries, malicious workplace violence related slash injuries and even death”.

If you want to speak with my team about Cut-Tex® PRO then please call 
+44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email info@ppss-group.com

Author: Robert Kaiser