Cut-Tex® PRO: High Performance Cut Resistant Fabric

I am extremely proud to announce that we have developed our high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex PRO following our great passion to protect frontline professionals all over the world.

Many scientists and specialists within the textile industry continuously seek to improve and develop new equipment and innovative slash and cut resistant clothing… but I am very very confident that we are and we will be leading this industry with immediate effect.

In order to use this cut resistant textile for protective clothing or other applications it had to be tested to British, European and International blade cut resistance standards.  The challenge was to substantiate independently the extraordinary properties of this new cut resistant textile with independent, scientific evidence, and to back up all claims we are making.

Our Cut-Tex® PRO cut slash and cut resistant fabric was subsequently tested to BS EN 388: 2003 6.2 Blade Cut Resistance, and it achieved the highest rating of level 5.  It also reached level 5 when tested to the European and International Standard BS EN ISO 13997:1999, which is highly regarded as the most stringent and efficient standard for blade cut resistance.

These results clearly demonstrate the incredible strength and cut resistant properties of Cut-Tex® PRO, which is now being used to manufacture comfortable cut and slash resistant clothing for security professionals, police, prison and enforcement officers in a number of countries around the World.

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Companies from a variety of other sectors have now expressed an interest in this new cut resistant textile Cut-Tex® PRO that appears to take the World over by storm.  Glass handling and metal pressing companies are now able to see its great potential to protect factory workers from potential cuts and injuries, and haulage and truck firms have expressed an interest to line some of their trailer curtains with Cut-Tex® PRO to prevent illegal immigrants from cutting themselves a way into the trucks before crossing borders and entering countries. A problem that has recently become of great concern for many privately owned transport companies, especially here in the UK.

There is no doubt that Cut-Tex® PRO will help to save human lives in the future.  Right now it is all about educating professionals and letting them know that concealable and comfortable cut resistant clothing can be designed, developed and manufactured with the aid of Cut-Tex PRO, the world’s best slash an cut resistant fabric.

We need to stop thinking that everything will be ok.  We need to stop believing that nothing is ever going to go to happen, simply based on that fact that the past has been very kind to us and no one has been injured in OUR company or organisation yet.

I think we all should aim to prevent cut injuries rather than continuing with the habit of fixing things when they have gone wrong.  Cut-Tex® PRO has been developed with exactly this in mind.

Should you have any questions in reference to our slash and cut resistant textile Cut-Tex® PRO or our outstanding range of PPSS cut resistant clothing… then please contact PPSS Group on +44 (0) 845 5193 953, email or visit

Take good care.

For intellectual property/copyright reasons, Cut-Tex PRO labelled products cannot be sold and delivered to Germany!

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