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Police & Homeland Security

Cut-Tex® PRO slash resistant fabric is now being used to manufacture some of the most effective high performance cut and slash resistant protective clothing for law enforcement and other homeland security professionals around the world.

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Prison Service

Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to create potentially lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing for prison or correctional officers.

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Health Care

Bite protection arm guards made out of Cut-Tex® PRO can effectively help protect professionals working in special educational needs, mental health care and high secure hospitals.

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Cut-Tex® PRO can be manufactured into protective garments that help reduce the risk of cut injuries within flat glass, sheet metal, construction, recycling and automotive manufacturing industries.

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Ice Hockey

Cut-Tex® PRO is ideal for the manufacturing of cut resistant clothing - preventing cuts and lacerations in ice hockey as well as ice speed skating.

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Find out why Cut-Tex® PRO is used to manufacture protective garments for horses and the horse rider.

Slash Resistant Fabric for Police Officer Uniforms

What Material Offers Better Cut Protection than Kevlar®?

Better than Kevlar
Kevlar® Material

One typical question many uniform and tactical clothing manufactures have is what material offers better cut protection than Kevlar®?

Originally Kevlar® was designed for use as a replacement for steel in several applications.

However as strong and light Kevlar® is, it still has some disadvantages, in one of its most famous application as a material offering cut protection.

Despite its pretty good tensile strength Kevlar® also has relatively poor compressive properties, and it is also 'world famous' for deteriorating when coming in contact with UV light and moisture, so there are still improvements, which can be made.

The matter of fact is that Kevlar® offers a reasonable level of cut protection.  However, we feel it is not anywhere near good enough to incorporate it into personal protective clothing, uniforms or tactical clothing wanting to claim the garment is offering a high level of cut protection from edged weapon and razor blades.

Cut-Tex® PRO cut protection is outperforming Kevlar

Cut-Tex® PRO is without question the best material offering ultimate cut protection.

Cut-Tex PRO - better than Kevlar
Kevlar® Material

Cut-Tex® PRO lined uniforms or tactical apparel will offer an approximately 400% higher level of cut protection.  It will also offer a level of tear resistance that Kevlar® can simply only dream of.

The question every uniform or tactical clothing manufacturer need to answer is what is the objective?  If the goal is to offer the wearer ANY level of cut protection... then Kevlar® will certainly do exactly this.

However... if the goal is to offer the wearer the best possible cut protection from real threats such as knives, blades and specially engineered 'cutting/slashing weapons' then Cut-Tex® PRO is more or less the only 'ultimate' choice.+

Another very important point is that Kevlar will deteriorate during the washing processes.  This means a Kevlar lined product will offer a reduce level of cut protection after several number of industrial or domestic washes.

Test reports are available, clearly proving that Cut-Tex® PRO will offer an even higher level of cut protection following 10 industrial washes, which equals around 60 domestic washes.

If you are looking for the best level of cut protection in order to create a high performance cut resistant garment or product... Kevlar® is not the way forward... Cut-Tex® PRO is your best choice!

Cut-Tex PRO Cut-Tear Abrasion Weight Charts

How to purchase Cut-Tex® PRO slash resistant textile

Please note Cut-Tex® PRO is only available from PPSS Group:

Call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email: info@ppss-group.com

Author: Robert Kaiser